Story Template

Please submit your story in Google Docs format with the file name as follows:

Focus/feature/regular (regular name) – Author name – Title

e.g. Regular (Politics) – Jane Doe – The Anatomy of a Science Story

Please write your story using the following template, and leave the bracketed sub-headings in in the text:

[Title] The Anatomy of a Science Story

[Byline] Jane Doe explores the layout of a good EUSci science story.

[Body] Here is where you will type your story.

[Word count] Number of words in BODY only — must be either 700 (1 magazine page) or 1400 (2 magazine pages)

[Author info] Jane Doe is a third-year neuroscience student.

[Pull-quotes] “Striking sentence 1 from article”

“Striking sentence 2 from article”

“Striking sentence 3 from article”

[Image(s) — send files separately]

File name:


Credits: (e.g. Creative Commons/name of photographer — please indicate here whether we have permission to use the image)