EUSci at the Fringe 2017 / 1 Woman, a High-Flyer and a Flat Bottom

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Samantha Baines’ latest effort was promoted with one objective: to restore three lost women of science to the modern consciousness. Although set within a bunker with an approximate capacity of 35, it achieves its primary purpose. Word-of-mouth will transmit her message amplified by every attendee enlightened with the knowledge of these luminaries.

In this, I would consider the show a resounding success. I left unable to forget the achievements of three truly inspiring female scientists. The structure of the show was simple. The audience would travel back in time with Baines to learn the short profile of each scientist’s struggles, circumstances and achievements. Following this, and before setting off to visit another’s story, Baines gave a flick of her ‘poetry scarf’ and atmospheric music would lull the audience into the rhythm of a summarising poem. While along this timeline of trepidation and triumph, the content was kept light peppered with puns aplenty and short pieces of audience interaction.

All in all, at around an hours length, those that wish to be introduced to under appreciated and oppressed female scientists to appreciate their work in a light, brief comic experience will find it ideal. Certainly a show that will leave you wanting to find out more.


This article was written by Jack Kellard and edited by James Hitchen.

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