Copy-editor’s Guide

Here are a list of rules to consider whilst copy-editing:

  1. The point of copy-editing is to “nit pick” the article (punctuation, spelling errors, grammar, measurements, units, abbreviations) and apply EUSci’s house style in order to achieve consistency.
  2. Since the article have already been edited by article editors with the author, then no rewrites or substantial editing of the article can be done in the copy-editing stage.
  3. If you know something to be factually incorrect, misleading, unclear or unethical, tell the EUSci editor who will get in touch with the article editors and author.
  4. No two copy-editors will make the same set of corrections. It is easy for two editors to miss a correction. So we ask that at least three people copy-edit each article. Use different coloured ink and initial and date the top of the first page.
  5. Don’t sweep uncertainty under the carpet. If in doubt, ask or check. If still in doubt, flag it up on the copy. EUSci editors will make the final decision.

References (in order of authority):

If you would like to know how to become a copy-editor for EUSci please see our Get Involved page.