Story Template

This is the standard template used when writing an article for the EUSci magazine. For more information on how to write your article or get involved in writing for EUSci please see our Writer’s Guide and Get Involved pages.

Please submit your story in Google Docs format with the file name as follows:

Focus/feature/regular (regular name) – Author name – Title

e.g. Regular (Politics) – Jane Doe – The Anatomy of a Science Story

Please write your story using the following template, and leave the bracketed sub-headings in in the text:

[Title] The Anatomy of a Science Story

[Byline] Jane Doe explores the layout of a good EUSci science story.

[Body] Here is where you will type your story.

[Word count] Number of words in BODY only — must be either 700 (1 magazine page) or 1400 (2 magazine pages)

[Author info] Jane Doe is a third-year neuroscience student.

[Pull-quotes] “Striking sentence 1 from article”

“Striking sentence 2 from article”

“Striking sentence 3 from article”

[Image(s) — send files separately]

File name:


Credits: (e.g. Creative Commons/name of photographer — please indicate here whether we have permission to use the image)