Interested in science writing? Want to see your work published in the University of Edinburgh’s science magazine or on our website? You are in the right place! See below the types of articles we are looking for and submit! You can also find a link for other tips if you need inspiration. Enjoy!


What type of articles can you submit?

Long-form articles within the theme of the next magazine issue. Submissions for the issue 32 have now closed but keep an eye out for when we open sign ups for the next issue!

Research highlights from Edinburgh University – submit your proposal to eusci.editors@gmail.com. We are looking for a 1 page article about any exciting research being developed in Edinburgh, to feature in the current magazine issue. If you would prefer to write a shorter version of the same article, take a look at the option below.

Short-form online articles of miscellaneous topics to be posted on the EUSci website. These articles could be based in Edinburgh or otherwise. Click the link below to submit!

Not sure how to start? Check the inspire me link for some tips!

Introducing the next issue of the magazine:

In Issue 32, we will look into how the scientific community has changed in the last few decades and the roles it currently has and/or should have in Society. In the era of widespread misinformation and “infodemic”, we explore the importance of continuing to bridge the gap between citizens and scientists by promoting accessible scientific communication that empowers citizens with the knowledge to better understand themselves and the world around them.


Can I write for EUSci?

Yes! Anybody can submit an article to EUSci. Our writing community is open to anybody who wants to share their passion for science with a general audience. If you want to talk to us about it, get in touch at eusci.editors@gmail.com.

How do I write for EUSci?

If you have something you want to submit, see the articles we have available at the start of this page. Some articles have a specific time frame, like those intended for one of the magazine issues. Check if you are in time for the deadline and volunteer for an article. If you have any other ideas, get in touch at eusci.editors@gmail.com. If you just want to write a short article about a unrelated subject that you are passionate about, find the respective link above.

If you want to write, but aren’t sure where to start, click on Inspire Me! to find resources.

If you have an idea, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for EUSci or you want help turning it into an article, get in touch with the magazine editors at eusci.editors@gmail.com.

Who am I writing for?

EUSci is aimed at anybody who has a general interest in science. This means we are looking for articles that are accessible, informative and entertaining to people who have not studied science beyond school level. The magazine is distributed across the University of Edinburgh campuses. We also post our magazine online, so who knows who we might reach!

What are you looking for in articles?

Above all else, we are looking for writing that turns scientific topics into stories. Textbook descriptions and academic style essays are too dense for a magazine, so think about how to bring that science to life. Check out the inspire me page for good examples and tips on writing for a general audience.

In addition to gripping stories, we are looking for accuracy and balance. As science communicators, we have a duty to represent results fairly, include uncertainties, and be critical of scientific methods. Read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre to learn what happens when we don’t…

Is there a word limit?

Your first draft should be between 600 and 1500 words. Most published articles will be edited to either 700 words or 1400 words for the magazine. Short-form articles for the website should have a maximum of 500 words.

How do I keep up to date with writing opportunities?

Please sign up to our mailing list to stay in the EUSci loop.

Do I need to be a student at the University of Edinburgh?

No. You don’t need to be a student at all.

Do I need to be an experienced writer?

No. EUSci is a great place to hone your science writing skills and gain that experience.

Should I include references?

You do not need to fully cite your text as you would for an academic piece of work. However, please include links to your main sources of information when you submit an article.

What counts as science?

Science is more than physics, chemistry and biology! We publish articles about anything under the STEM bracket – mathematics, computer science, engineering, medical biology, psychology, ecology and geosciences too. We are also interested in applications of science and how they affect society. If you are unsure whether your idea fits, please get in touch with the editors at eusci.editors@gmail.com.